This page will give you tips about explosive weapons in MC4 on how to use them and how to defeat them.

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CTK-88 Crumplor:

Kolbàszky S40-GL:ászky_S-40_GL

40mm Thor GLP:

Weapon InformationEdit

CTK-88 Crumplor

This is the first explosive weapon available in Modern Combat 4, costing 60,000 Gold Credits. It has the highest range of all launchers, and a non-detachable scope. In the campagin, it is used to destroy tanks. In multiplayer, it is used to take down recon aircrafts, or destroy hover drones or ground drones. It is not that effective on human targets, making the Anti-Personnel Rockets a viable attachment. It has no crosshairs, meaning that aiming down your sights will give better accuracy, but lowers your situational awareness.

Kolbàszky S40-GL

This is the second launcher available in Modern Combat 4, costing 110,000 Gold Credits. It has the highest damage out of all the launchers, and doesn't give up much mobility. However, it has normal iron sights. This does not matter as any optics on grenade launchers are useless. In the campagin, it can be used to dispose of APC's and enemy personnel. No enemy unit is seen using this, meaning there is no way to obtain extra ammo unless you buy it.

40mm Thor GLP

This is the last launcher available, being released in Modern Combat 4's Meltdown Update. It costs a whopping 140,000 Gold Credits (previously 144,000.) It has the highest mobility out of all launchers, but sacrifices damage in order to do so. Because it is added in a DLC, it is not available in the campagin. In multiplayer, this is a great weapon to dispose of groups of enemies. If one has the 'Resistance' perk equipped, they will survive only one shot, with the next killing them.

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