Anti-Explosive Pack

The Thumper is a very powerful weapon coming from the mobile game the Respawnables. It was earned as a tier prize during the Hand Grenade Fest Update (2013), and made it's return for the second Hand Grenade Fest the following year (2014). It could be obtained by killing players during the event with grenades. A certain number of grenades (different for each Grenade Fest) was needed to unlock this powerful weapon.

The Thumper is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, as it has a near unlimited range and does a large amount of damage per shot. The explosive radius of each shot is approximatly 5 meters in every direction. The further away from the center of the explosion, the less damage the player recieves. Any player unlucky enough to be on the recieving end of this weapon's projectile will find themselves having to respawn rather quickly - most players that have less then 20% health cannot withstand a single shot. Two shot's often finish the job.

This weapon does have it's weaknesses. The player does not want to shoot close enough to himself to be caught in the blast radius, as the weapon will damage the user. If the user has already sustained a heavy amount of damage, they can even kill themselves with the damage from the weapon, causing them to respawn. The Anti Explosive Suit combats not only the Thumper, but all explosive weapons in the mobile game - each piece of the armor (Head, Body, and Legs) Reduces 20% of the damage taken from all explosives. This means that when wearing the full outfit, the player has an added 60% immunity to the Thumper - meaning that it will now take 2 or three shots for a kill instead of one.

Respawnables Thumper Review - Grenade Fest

Respawnables Thumper Review - Grenade Fest

Thumper in Action

The weapon has only one shot per clip, meaning that you need to reload frequently. Also, the weapon (Unlike many guns from Respawnables) has no auto aim, so the player must calculate the trajectory of the projectile instead. It should be noted that for long distance shots, the Thumper projectile begins to arc downward - so aim higher then your target to ensure a kill.

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